My Unapologetic Journey To Self Love



My Unapologetic Journey To Self Love

Have you ever felt lost? A wandering soul seemingly on the right path to outsiders, yet your heart is still empty? I thought I was on track with the plans & goals I had made for my life,only to fill unfulfilled!I realized I had overwhelmed myself with “Things To Do” but none of those things were getting me closer to my REAL goals in life. I was simply “Keeping Busy” & to everyone else I was “Living The Dream”.I don’t know who`s dream they thought I was living but it definitely wasn’t mine! LOL So I decided to set out on a journey to get my life back on track & alignment with what I believe my purpose`s are in life. (wait,is purpose`s even a word? Lol-anywho) What I Discovered was that I had a HUGE PROBLEM!!! I realize that i was suffering from an extreme case of “THE NEED TO PLEASE!”.On top of that all of my insecurities about my skin (acne) and things that i was teased for in my childhood,like how dark my skin is compared to “lighter skinned” black girls.Oh, and then there`s the scars form failed relationships, all of which made me feel less than and incapable to do things on my own.Then something clicked and i started to get mad with myself for allowing these stupid things to continuously hold me back! I know people battling cancer! Fighting for their lives! And here I am letting STUPID ACNE stop me from living! Disgusted with myself I decided from this day forward I will make a conscious effort to love myself in spite of my flaws and past failures.And also be very conscious of what & who I commit my time to.No matter who I offend or make angry! I think being a little selfish in that sense can go a long way! Because saying yes to anything is ultimately saying no to something else.Saying yes to everyone else is why I haven’t been able to reach any of my goals on my vision board or finish any of my music projects etc.What a revelation!! So,lately Ive been removing these “things” that clutter my mind and eat up all my time.Its a such a freeing experience and allows me to focus on what I should be doing and not so much of what others THINK I should be doing or WANT me to do.Im getting closer to my goals of releasing new music and learning to love my self flaws & all! To think it all started with the decision to be a little more selfish LOL  It’s not about how good my make up or outfit looks.Its about whats underneath when you bare all.Are you truly happy? If the answer is no, lets get back on track together! Live your best life now, tomorrow isn’t promised.

Love and Light,


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