My Unapologetic Journey To Self Love



My Unapologetic Journey To Self Love

Have you ever felt lost? A wandering soul seemingly on the right path to outsiders, yet your heart is still empty? I thought I was on track with the plans & goals I had made for my life,only to fill unfulfilled!I realized I had overwhelmed myself with “Things To Do” but none of those things were getting me closer to my REAL goals in life. I was simply “Keeping Busy” & to everyone else I was “Living The Dream”.I don’t know who`s dream they thought I was living but it definitely wasn’t mine! LOL So I decided to set out on a journey to get my life back on track & alignment with what I believe my purpose`s are in life. (wait,is purpose`s even a word? Lol-anywho) What I Discovered was that I had a HUGE PROBLEM!!! I realize that i was suffering from an extreme case of “THE NEED TO PLEASE!”.On top of that all of my insecurities about my skin (acne) and things that i was teased for in my childhood,like how dark my skin is compared to “lighter skinned” black girls.Oh, and then there`s the scars form failed relationships, all of which made me feel less than and incapable to do things on my own.Then something clicked and i started to get mad with myself for allowing these stupid things to continuously hold me back! I know people battling cancer! Fighting for their lives! And here I am letting STUPID ACNE stop me from living! Disgusted with myself I decided from this day forward I will make a conscious effort to love myself in spite of my flaws and past failures.And also be very conscious of what & who I commit my time to.No matter who I offend or make angry! I think being a little selfish in that sense can go a long way! Because saying yes to anything is ultimately saying no to something else.Saying yes to everyone else is why I haven’t been able to reach any of my goals on my vision board or finish any of my music projects etc.What a revelation!! So,lately Ive been removing these “things” that clutter my mind and eat up all my time.Its a such a freeing experience and allows me to focus on what I should be doing and not so much of what others THINK I should be doing or WANT me to do.Im getting closer to my goals of releasing new music and learning to love my self flaws & all! To think it all started with the decision to be a little more selfish LOL  It’s not about how good my make up or outfit looks.Its about whats underneath when you bare all.Are you truly happy? If the answer is no, lets get back on track together! Live your best life now, tomorrow isn’t promised.

Love and Light,


7 comments on “My Unapologetic Journey To Self Love

  1. Ademayowa on

    Yesssssss!!!! This is amazing, you are going to grow and glow in so many ways! Life deserves to be lived freely and fully, and while someone may consider it “selfish” for you to prioritize yourself, it really isn’t!! In fact it’s quite healthy and should be the normal go to! Congrats on the beginning of your journey I’ll be following along! 🙂

  2. Ashley on

    From softball days of you always making us laugh and forever singing some great tune in the dug out to seeing you shine as “baby V.” I was so proud to see you up there and always remember you as that gorgeous funny girl always wanting to sing but never knowing one day you would actually follow those dreams “dreams” if that’s what they were for you. I continued to watch you grow through all you have shared with us being connected with you on social media and I will tell you you continue to amaze me. Your such a sweet beautiful soul ! I have always thought you were flawless gorgeous inside and out and I’m so sorry for anyone that only tried to hurt you because they only wished they could be you. Jealousy is an evil thing. You are a light in this world you do you the best way that you choose to and you let your light continue to shine! Love and prayers always for you are an amazing woman! Xo! ❤

  3. Hunter on

    Hey Vonzell,

    We’ve never met and I’m speaking from the “fan of Vonzell’s everything” side of things, but I still wanted to comment and give you some support!

    I know your post mentions “selfish” some–and that is absolutely fine!–but as an entertainer, you are the opposite. You give me life! I’ve loved you since Idol and you’ve become one of my favorite singers! I can’t believe the things you do with your voice … omg!

    I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you and what beautiful music comes out of it! We all need to go through changes sometimes and it’s always a good thing!

    Go find your happy!


  4. Big Papa James on

    Love this Von!!! We could have a long talk about this subject and hopefully if I see you soon we can. First, I have such high respect for who you are and the love and kindness you have always shown me and my girls. Years ago a dear friend of ours (about the same age difference and you and I are) told me that life has many stages and that you must learn to love and embrace the stage you are in now and adjust again and again as life moves forward. Honoring your goals and dreams is not selfish and in most cases not honoring them keeps you from developing and presenting the best you have to offer the rest of us. I often think back to the night you all came over to the studio to shoot the “chair” photos and in the middle of shooting, just for a moment, you stopped and sang a bit of a classical /opera/gospel song and what I remember from that moment was the pure love of the gift you have to offer to all of us. At that time, in that space, the slight echo in the room and the grace of your voice brought me chills and to this day I wish I had the video camera on to record it. To me that moment defined you a bit in a way that showed the true, complete soul of who you are. That small moment was the presentation of your personality, your heart, your love of singing and the blessing of the gift that has been given you . Is it time to move on to the next stage, only you would know that, but please do not carry any regrets for what you leave behind because it has been the path of who you are today. You have brought joy and inspiration to so many people that it should fill your heart with peace and happiness.

    All my love and blessings ~ BPJ

  5. Lisa Darden on

    You Shine So Brightly!
    You have a 24 K Soul.
    I know that you will succeed at what ever you focus your heart and mind on.
    God knows you have so far, take it easy on you. You have done and see more than most even dream of…..

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!
    Today IS The First Day of The Rest of Your Life. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your journey with ALL of us. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure and a joy to watch.

    Nothing but LOVE Today and Always Vonzell ” Baby V” Solomon
    – Lisa D


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