Motivational Mondayz- Lets Kick It Up!


I have been in a very uncomfortable place lately but in the past whenever I’ve felt this uncomfortable that’s when I feel that I grow the most.Spiritually,intellectually, emotionally and even physically. The challenge of pushing through The major obstacles of life is so trying. In my case having to do so and get on stage and put on a smile every night has also proven to be very difficult at times. Don’t get me wrong I love my job and I thank God for his gift of song that he’s placed within me and The opportunity to do what I love to do and touch hearts and lives around the world.I find it hard to enjoy all the blessings of life when you let things stand in your way or stop you from making the most out of every day and living life to the fullest! Even in the midst of this uncomfortable place I visualize myself coming out of this season stronger on all levels. That book that I’ve been writing for years, that one woman play that I’ve been working on for years, that album that I’ve been recording for years will all come to fruition this year!
Whatever you’ve been working on whatever your hearts desire go after it with all your might!! Let’s make it happen starting today let’s have an UBER productive week!!
Kick this thing up a notch or 2 or better yet, lets kick this thing up a billion notches!


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