Happy Father”s Day


Couldn’t let the day go by without wishing the worlds greatest dad a Happy Father’s Day! Words cannot express the love that you’ve given and shown me. Everything you’ve instilled in me has continued to carry me throughout my life. I cherish every second with you and every memory from Martial Arts competitions-you being on the sideline coaching me while I’m in the ring sparing,to cheerleading and watching you coach my brothers on the football team, playing softball at the stars complex and you being on the next field coaching the baseball team. Anything I want to do you told me”To shoot at it” Having your support throughout my whole entire life no matter what I was doing-playing basketball, competing with the school choir, singing in the choir at church, playing high school ball and Little League ball at the same time, and juggling my jobs as a teen (Target, TJ Maxx,Winn-Dixie)you and mom made sure I got where I needed to be when I need to be there even if I had to change in the car on the way there LOL and when you picked me up you always had home cooked meal in Tupperware for me to eat on the way to my next event. Singing in bars and restaurants with you around town You inspired, pushed and motivated me so much and I thank you for that! You slept on the sidewalk to keep my place in line when I audition for American Idol and you came out to LA to watch the live shows,seeing you in the audience made it all worth it! We have such a special bond I love and adore you so much and I thank God for you every single day! You are so wise so loving so strong &so giving. I’m crying while I type this because I’ve truly been blessed with the best parents that anyone could ever have! There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you Daddy! My Hero! Love you beyond words❤️❤️❤️❤️

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