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The BabyV Show-Zapanator

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 4.03.38 PM

#Boomquisha would like to introduce her latest invention the zapanator!   Hop over to YouTube &...

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Motivational Mondayz-YOU GOT THIS!!!!


So many things will hold you back if you let them! The way I combat fear, failure,low self esteem is...

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Music Monday “Broken Clocks”

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 4.13.32 PM 2

#SZA #BrokenClocks Have a great day y’all <3...

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The BabyV Show- Ask Boomquisha

Ask Boomquisha

#Boomquisha is keeping it all the way real in this weeks #BabyVShow!    ...

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Motivational Mondayz- Lets Kick It Up!


I have been in a very uncomfortable place lately but in the past whenever I’ve felt this uncom...

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Music Monday- “Perfect”


Learning to love myself even when I feel most imperfect! Thank you to all the kings assuring us that...

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Music Monday- “Tomorrow”


The sun will come out -You gotta hang on til #Tomorrow #DontEverGiveUp #MusicMonday 💕...

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New Tour Dates with Postmodern Jukebox


Excited to hit the road with my Postmodern Jukebox fam again! Sharing the stage with my American Ido...

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New Christmas Song!


Wrote a Christmas song a couple days ago & in one hour (2:30pm CT) i’ll be releasing it on...

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Good Fairy Has Arrived In Houston!


Can’t wait to take the stage as the good fairy in @lythgoepanto ‘s sleeping beauty and h...

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